Gothic Adventures

This series of novels and short stories follows the lives of three 21st century men who cross two thousand years forwards through time. The novels follow their adventures as they adapt to this new world and confront its dangers – with the help of a growing family of close friends and lovers.

  1. Vampires of the Fourth Millennium
  2. Voodoo Circus
  3. To The Bone-House
  4. Ghoom
  5. Indigo Voyage
  6. Scenes from the Waterfront
  7. Moonglow
  8. Indigo Christmas
  9. Indigo Summer
  10. High Hat
  11. Island of Evil
  12. The Monster of Marlsblad
  13. A year at Wolf Castle
  14. Hoopla
  15. Midnight Blue
  16. Quarantine Winter
  17. The Edge of Doom
  18. Sea-Changes
  19. Way Blue Yonder
  20. The Back of Beyond
  21. Night-Scented Stock
  22. Whisper Not
  23. Erebus
  24. The Enchanted Forest
  25. Mackerel Sky
  26. Stone Garden
  27. The Smell of Rain
  28. Compass North
  29. Janus
  30. Trinity
  31. Calliope
  32. The Last Place on Earth
  33. Hiatus
  34. Into the Unknown

Painting of the galleon at sea